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The Story Of Star Wars SWAG77 Fanfic Headcanon For 2009 Original Character:


(There are 3 parts to this fanfic story outline)

In 2009, there were no Black women characters in Star Wars. So, I created my own. The first character is AUSET LAH, and her social media reception is cold. No Star Wars fans liked her, even though Timothy Zahn liked her Facebook Page.

In this story, I created Auset’s “daughter” Yemaja Lah, an Original Character (OC) that is supposedly remarkably beautiful and attractive to humans and humanoids because her infiltration mission was ordered by the Yuuzhan Vong to destabilize the government in preparation for Invasion.

The fanfic is on SWAG77’s AO3.

But the Sith, Dark Side users of the Force, and the Empire will not idly allow that to happen…

In this post and 2 other posts, this is the story outline SWAG77 wanted to present to fans until Lucasfilm Ltd told us to stop.



Have A Great 4th of July

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We celebrate your 4th of July, wrapped up in the red, white and blue. Silky with beauty.


My Domain Said We Past A Quasar Like This One

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One of the most powerful and brightest objects in the Universe, Quasar S5-0014, 12.1 billion light years away from @NASA, @europeanspaceagency and J. Olmsted (STScI)

It’s important because we can harvest lots of energy from these astronomical elements.

A Quasar Spinning

No one cares because it’s proactive

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Most physicians prefer to take a proactive approach to diagnosis and treatment of chronic illness, like heart disease or cancer.

There’s going to be a problem with Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker and it will not only be the usual disregard to Star Wars canon from Legends or bad writing. No. It will be the denigration of Black women in the Star Wars franchise. To make Black women “fit” in the story, they have to act like white girls to be accepted and not better fighters. We are seeing that in many television shows and TV shows. As long as the Black woman denies her heritage and does not go “Sistah” and make white fragility fear the “angry Black woman” trope despite the gross injustices that have been done, then she is okay.

But powerhouse actress Sistahs have to ACT those roles, harder than any other woman, like Kerry Washington in Scandal, Viola Davis in How To Get Away With Murder, and currently Simone Missick in All Rise. These roles to play take TRAINED actresses, not actresses that transition from music or rap into movies. Otherwise, the shows meltdown into wackiness.

Many shows and movies reach out to actors in the UK to develop their stories. UK actors are highly trained and are studious. But the production of stories has reduced lately and for actors of color to have roles, they have to come to the United States. But that UK training reigns. Sadly, these actors do not have the cultural understanding or bandwidth to comprehend some of the movies. One of them is Cynthia Ervio, an EGOT winner from Britain of Nigerian background (source).

Star Wars as a movie is an American Icon movie with several real-life timelines meshing together with lots of tropes and storytelling of Joseph Campbell.  In the new movie, December 2019 — Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, there is the introduction of a new character who is a Black woman. The actress to play her is Naomi Ackie. The name of the character in JANNAH. She is just as kickass as the lead character, REY played by Daisy Ridley. JANNAH is BFFs with REY. Both have the Force and dislike the bad guys even though REYLO could be a thing (The relationship between REY and KYLO REN developed over 2 movies).

So who is JANNAH? Don’t know? Is she the Black counterpart for FINN who was supposed to be with REY? That FINN is not with POE DAMERON in a gay relationship? Disney playing it safe with “square pegs and round holes”? Or they are not ready to piss off a whole new bunch of people after clusterfucking the last 2 movies?

See, this is what you get when you fail to READ STAR WARS as stories and only go by the imagination of how it makes you feel. After 40 years, what geeked out geeks in 1977 is NOT what geeks out some geeks today, 2019. And in 1977, there was politics used meshed with history. Today, 2019, most Star Wars fans are ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE and they side with the “bad guys and villains” of Star Wars. Our group alone has been attacked on the basis of being too incendiary to their white fragility in a gamergate mentality that is INCEL.

Until the SISTAH comes out…

And it’s VERY HARD to take down a SISTAH ready to fight and one who actually did not choose civil disobedience to fight back…

YEMAJA was created to be beautiful like DIAHANN CARROLL with the quiet reserve to not let these assholic bitchass fuckboy men think they know what is going on in SISTAH minds until it is too late.

When YEMAJA was roleplayed, she beat her opponents that way and they had no choice but to infiltrate to find the inner workings of her operations. But the story is YEMAJA is part Yuuzhan Vong and the Yuuzhan Vong shape all those who have not been sanctified by to bring before the gods. They were not ready for that, either. Then, they got their puppets who are Black to take down YEMAJA, partially succeeded. Then the white women had to get involved, and they got dispatched, too. And since not many Black women do this, it’s lead, follow or get out her way — FLAWLESSLY!

That was 2011.

Today, in 2019, it’s different altogether. Black women and girls buy into the fact to be just as grubby as white girls thinking people will accept them. When they don’t, they want to be a lock, stock, and barrel protesting and boycotting after the fact. Once the movie is released, they are not changing it.

They can’t change it now and the best hope is that we see what happened in other movies like ROGUE ONE A STAR WARS STORY…

Or, just accept this image of Black women in Star Wars as grubby and that is all we are worth and we can’t clean up nicely. Oh well. And there will be quite a few Black Star Wars fans that will accept that not realizing the transcendence of Diahann Carroll and her character, which was a Wookiee self-pleasuring computer simulation program and fantasy character. But it was done, FLAWLESSLY. It was still glamorous and beautiful, just like the actress, herself.

Do not cry, because I will point you to this blog and pay me:

#StarWars Holiday Special Diahann Carroll as MERMEIA

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Star Wars has missed this glamour.

Owner of SWAG77: Dr. Gina M.-S. | Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77) on Patreon

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Owner of SWAG77: Dr. Gina M.-S. | Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77) on Patreon

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They always make me justify my presence. But my presence is overwhelming. Taught my amma, Auset Lah, and my father Commander Zhat Lah of the Domain Lah. Zhaetor Zhae!

In Pelekotan…



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Winnie Harlow by 2MindsStudio

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